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Standing Timber Purchasing and Harvesting

Is your forest getting crowded? If so, the trees will compete for light and water. These stressed trees are more susceptible to drought, disease, and insects, meaning your forest won’t be beautiful for long. Stoltzfus Forest Products has been purchasing timber and managing forests for many years. For landowners, we provide honest, reliable timber purchasing and harvesting. Get started selling your timber by following these steps.

1. Pick up the phone: Contact a forest company happy to meet with you, walk your lot, help identify property lines, and mark the trees for harvest.

Crowded Forest

2. Ensure Market Price: Make sure your forest company is giving you a fair market price. You don’t want to be one of the victims who gets the short end of the log.

3. Sign a contract: Review the terms in the agreement with your forest company. Know they’ve got your back!

4. Scheduling: A forest company committed to service will take care of any necessary permits and schedule the logging crew. Receive payment before harvest begins.

5. Inspections: Your forest company should check weekly on the progress of the harvest. Their primary aim is your full satisfaction.

6. Final Touch-up: An excavator is hired to clean up all of the trails used during the harvest. Your newly harvested forest will be stabilized with grass seed and straw!

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A minimum of 50 trees is required for Stoltzfus Forest Products to harvest your timber.

Stoltzfus Forest Products services a large portion of Southeastern Pennsylvania. We’ve also helped customers in Cecil, Harford, and Baltimore Counties, Maryland. Stoltzfus Forest Products is a member of the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association and National Hardwood Lumber Association.

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We have compiled some of the most common questions we are asked and in this FREE PDF you can find our answers to those questions. If you are considering selling your timber, and want to know about the process and what are some of the ways we can help improve your woodlot by harvesting the timber, fill out the form. We will email you the link to download the pdf.

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