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Forest Management in PA and MD

Forest Management and Timber Purchasing

Crisp mountain air and clean sparkling streams, chattering chipmunks darting through towering trees, moss carpeting the forest floor, and good, solid timber. These are all qualities of a healthy forest. But for your forest to maintain its health, it is vital to have it professionally managed. After over 90 years of combined forest management experience, Stoltzfus Forest Products is skilled in many different fields of forestry. If your forest is crowded with trees, give your younger trees a chance to grow by harvesting the older ones. With the soil disturbance and more sunlight reaching the forest floor, seeds easily germinate. We purchase standing timber processed at our sawmill located in Lancaster County. If your forest remains well-managed, it can be a place of peaceful refuge today and in the future. Learn more about forest management by contacting us today.

COVID-19 Update

As the state of Pennsylvania has deemed Stoltzfus Forest Products an essential business, our business remains fully operational with regular business hours.

Our wood is crucial for supplies needed in this crisis. We provide lumber for shipping pallets used for delivering food and medical supplies. Our trees provide paper products, cleaning supplies like sponges, packaging for online shipping, and masks and gowns for hospital staff and first responders. Sawdust, a by-product of our sawmill operation, provides bedding in the agricultural industry. We also continue to manufacture industrial timber mats and offer quality forest management services to keep our woodlands healthy. 

We’re honored to be a part of the supply-chain in this way and are doing our best to maintain a safe, healthy work environment for our employees. Thank you for your continued support. Together, we’ll make it through.

Who is Stoltzfus Forest Products?

Stoltzfus Forest Products is a forest management service and sawmill located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We provide forestry services in an 80 mile radius from our location in Lancaster County, PA. You’ll find us serving the York, Lancaster, Chester, Dauphin, Lebanon, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia, Berks Counties and more in Pennsylvania. We also serve areas of Maryland including the counties Cecil, Hartford, Baltimore, Kent and the surrounding areas. We specialize in purchasing standing timber but also provide lumber, mulch, firewood, and sawdust.
A minimum of 50 trees is required for Stoltzfus Forest Products to harvest your timber.