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Forest Management

What is forest management? Forest management is the process of caring for forests to ensure their health. This includes the prevention of soil erosion and the removal of mature and unhealthy trees. Sometimes a forest needs to be regenerated. High-quality trees, habitats for wildlife, and appealing scenery should all be elements of a healthy forest.

At Stoltzfus Forest Products, we are trained in multiple facets of forest management.

A Well Managed Forest

Care and cultivation of the forest: Managing trees benefits your forest by improving wildlife habitats, preventing soil erosion, generating healthy trees for timber and enhancing the overall attractiveness.

Stream bed protection: A poorly managed forest can cause soil and sediment to wash into stream beds, clouding the water and adversely affecting fish and other aquatic life.

Stabilize and seed skid trails and landings: With no precautions, heavy equipment used in timber harvesting can cause severe soil erosion. Well-planned, maintained trails prevent this while providing useful and aesthetically pleasing paths through your forest. They also provide fire breaks in the event of a forest fire.

Timber marking: Timber marking is the process of selecting and marking trees for removal. A skilled forester carefully chooses which trees to remove for optimum forest health and balance and based on the landowner’s objectives.

Property line identification: With assistance from the property owner, property lines will be identified to avoid disputes and any trespass violations.

Forest road building: Forest roads may be constructed during a forest harvest in order to get truck access to the loading site and to the public road. These roads may be temporary or permanent.

Soil erosion control methods: Preserve natural habitats and healthy plant growth with soil erosion control. This prevents soil from washing away during heavy rains.

Wildlife management: Wildlife management may involve timber harvesting specifically designed to improve the habitat for a certain wildlife species.

Lumber and logging markets: When logging or selling timber, it’s important to choose someone who understands the market. With a professional timber buyer like Stoltzfus Forest Products, you can always count on the best deals.

Creating a Forest Management Plan

Manage your forest easily with a forest management plan. The first step is to gather forest inventory data. This will describe the types of soil and timber, the estimated density of trees, wildlife habitat, and other resources that need protection. With this inventory, we can make recommendations based on the current conditions and your objectives for your forest. A plan will be tailored specifically for your needs. Contact us for a quote today!

Meet our Foresters

Guy Sexton – Over 50 years of timber management experience

Dan Davis – Over 40 years of timber management experience. Registered professional forester in Maryland and member of the Society of American Foresters.

Chris Figgs – Over 18 years experience with timberland and tree management. Graduated from West Virginia University in forest resource management.

A minimum of 50 trees is required for Stoltzfus Forest Products to harvest your timber.

Stoltzfus Forest Products is a member of the Pennsylvania Forest Products Association and National Hardwood Lumber Association.

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