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Firewood for Sale in Lancaster County

Nothing beats curling up next to a cozy, crackling fire with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold wintery day. Unless it’s cooking your favorite dish over an open campfire on a warm summer evening. Or an autumn bonfire. With a well-stocked woodpile, you can have a roaring fire all year round.

Whether you keep your home heated with a wood-burning fireplace or buy firewood for resale, Stoltzfus Forest Products has what you need. We produce high-quality firewood for both retail and wholesale customers. Expect a brightly burning fire with properly seasoned split firewood, or buy our green split firewood and dry it yourself. These are cut between sixteen and eighteen inches long.

Firewood Pile

Firewood Delivery Options

Prefer to chop the wood yourself? A tri-axle truckload of uncut firewood logs can be delivered to your home. Our knuckle boom loader transports logs wherever you need them. Pick-up is only offered on split wood.

For firewood availability and price, call us today!

Pro tip: When your fire burns down, don’t let the ashes go to waste! Save on fertilizer by spreading it in your garden, or use them on old metal for a great metal polish.

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